Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Moises Alou Jersey Card

Baseball season is under way, and though I'm not following it, I still have a few baseball cards in my collection that perhaps I should talk about, such as this Moisés Alou jersey card from Topps' 2003 Pristine set (card #PBS-MA1 of the Bomb Squad sub-set), which I got in a trade for some autographed basketball card (from a repackaged box of mixed-up sports cards) a few years back:

It's a beautiful multi-coloured foil card that unfortunately pictures him as a member of the Chicago Cubs, i.e. the team that no one alive remembers ever winning the World Series.

Alou was a six-time All-Star, won two Silver Slugger Awards (1994 and 1998), the 1997 World Series, and finished second in Rookie Of The Year voting in an 18-year career while suiting up for 7 Major League teams, with his longest stints being with the Montréal Expos (1990-1996) and Houston Astros (1998-2001 with a sabbatical in 1999).

He finished in the top-3 for batting averages three times, and top-10 for home runs twice (with seasons of 38 and 39), 4 times in the top-10 for RBIs, and could be counted on to put up nearly 30 doubles in any given year that he was not injured for.

Of note, he played under his father Felipe Alou with the Expos, who in addition to being the team's most-loved manager had also been a superstar player in his own right, as had been his uncles Matty and Jesus - and his cousin Mel Rojas (also an Expos teammate).

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