Friday, August 12, 2016

Blaine Gabbert Jersey Card

Who is Blaine Gabbert, really?

No longer just Colin Kaepernick's understudy, he will start in the San Francisco 49ers' preseason opener and try to play well enough to wrestle the starting position away from him to start the season, after doing so in November last year.

Originally a Jacksonville Jaguars prospect (they had drafted him 10th overall in 2011), injury troubles had him give sub-par performances where he showed promise at the same time as he kept getting sacked and intercepted. Plant foot and toe injuries, lacerated throwing hand, labrum tears, forearm injuries - you name it, he's probably had it.

And yet here he is, ready to steal the most important job in football away from a guy who led his team to the Super Bowl just over three years ago and ran a 90-yard touchdown seemingly the last time he was healthy (although that was in 2014, upon verification).

Then again, he had faced Kaepernick in 2009 when both were in College, and Gabbert totally stole the show, completing 25 of 40 attempts and throwing for 414 yards and three touchdowns (no interceptions) for a QB rating of 174.2 in a 31-21 win as Missouri beat Nevada.

Here he is wearing the Jags' teal (home) uniform with a matching "player-Worn" jersey swatch from the 2011 Rookie Premiere on card #ALR-BG from Topps' 2011 Gridiron Legends set and Aspiring Legacies sub-set, numbered 32/150:
This is exactly what multi-sport repacks are good for: inserts of players who might become great or will become great trivia matter.

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