Saturday, December 1, 2018

Box Break: 2018-19 Artifacts Blaster Box

I actually bought this blaster box of Upper Deck's 2018-19 Artifacts hockey cards in early November, but I was a tad too busy to post this review - and perhaps a little too underwhelmed as well. Every year, I eagerly away the Artifacts and Ice sets, as they are the best-looking and -feeling hockey cards out there, especially Artifacts, with its thick cardboard and matte finish, a treat to get signed.

Well, the cards are no longer printed on as-thick cardboard - it feels half as thick. And they're glossy enough that I'll likely build muscle in my forearms just trying to erase the gloss off them to get them signed. They still look classy, but they feel like regular-issue MVP cards:
At $30 (plus tax, so closer to $35) for 35 cards, this is not a good deal.

I did manage one hit, a Ruby Parallel Rookie card of the Toronto Maple Leafs' Andreas Johnsson, but I doubt I can make $35 back with it, if anything:
If I can get anything back with the Johnsson card, maybe I'll revise this in the future, but my feeling, after a month of holding off on this review, is to grade this year's Artifacts set a 5.5/10.

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