Monday, September 28, 2009

Enid-Raye Adams Autographs

Here's a duo I'm very proud of - and that makes me hate myself at the same time.

I'll start at the beginning: Enid-Raye Adams is from Manitoba (Canada), where your chances of attaining worldwide success are slim-to-none, unless your last name is Bachmann or Turner. She moved to Vancoucer, BC (still in Canada) to become an actress - and it didn't work for her right away. So she wrote some material and toured the country as a stand-up comic, which eventually led to an agent taking notice, and film (but mostly TV) roles ensued.

Her sense of humour is wonderful - and she's a master at self-deprecating in real life, too.

I wrote her an honest letter around 2002, saying I was happy her career seemed to be going upwards, what with a Babylon 5 TV movie, a part in Slap Shot 2, one in Undercover Brother, appearances in hit TV shows like The Dead Zone, Stargate SG-1 and Taken - not quite Oscar-worthy (yet), but a definite step up from being the 15th or 20th name appearing in Canadian TV movie Trapped (with Meat Loaf an Callum Keith Rennie).

She could have just been happy I wrote in and done nothing in return, or could have sent a typed note saying ''thanks'' - or a facsimile autographed picture. Instead, she dedicated and autographed a publicity still with a note saying to ''Keep On Rockin' In The Free World'', both a nod to the fact that we're both Canadian but also that I'm a musician first and foremost (before being a blogger, writer and film-maker, that is) - and she added a Babylon 5: The Legend Of The Rangers postcard with a personalized message on the back - and what appears to be a ripped-off price tag!

So every day I can see these two pieces of memorabilia, admire them - and every day I can remember I'm an asshole for never writing back.

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