Saturday, September 26, 2009

Erin Tietsort Benchwarmer Autograph Card

Here's a special trio of cards - three Erin Tietsort autograph cards available in packs of 2008 Benchwarmer model cards.

Benchwarmer are the most reknowned model cards manufacturers - ahead of even those by Sports Illustrated and Playboy, but I feel they may be working their girls a little too hard...

Look at these three autographs: they have obvious similarities, namely the 'E' and 'T', but it seems I got cards from each stage of the day she spent signing them, from the beginning when she was happy to clearly sign her whole name, to the middle when she started shortening it, to the very end when, really, it's more of a blur or a doctor's presciption.

All three cards were purchased from Ebay, from different sellers, they just happened to be so drastically different (I didn't even mean to purchase three of a kind, I had just bid on 3 in the hopes of getting 1, as these little buggers sell fast and high).

But Benchwarmer guarantees, on the backs of the cards, that all autographs are genuine. And knowing how other card companies have disappeared from the market for not being true to their word (hello, Pro Set!), I doubt anyone would try fooling their collectors that way again.


  1. What did Pro Set do that was not true to their word? Just curious to know.

  2. They had that limited-edition signed Patrick Roy's Mask card, limited to 5 or 10 worldwide.

    Then they had a bunch of unsigned Roy Mask cards, hundreds of thousands of them.

    Thing is, Roy's a nice guy, so when kids would come up to him after games at any one of the 23 NHL arenas he was playing at with a Mask card to sign, he would, thus making the numbers of the 'limited edition' useless and pointless.

    The fact that the unsigned cards and the signed ones were identical made it so that there are now roughly 5000 genuine Roy autographed Mask cards in the world, a far cry from 5 or 10.