Sunday, September 27, 2009

P.K. Subban Autographed Card

He's got all the offensive talent you could want, the team just wants him to polish his defensive skills... but the people of Montréal can hardly wait for P.K. Subban to finally make the team. In the meantime, he's with the Hamilton Bulldogs.

Here's a guy who is so refreshingly self-confident (yet not a jackass like Kanye West) that when he was drafted, 43rd overall in second round by the Canadiens, he told general manager Bob Gainey and his staff: ''you made the right choice''. But team management, always reluctant to give youngsters a chance, will take their time with this one.

Which is why I love this set, the 2007-08 Heroes And Prospects collection, by In The Game (this is card #77 in the set): you get guys who might not be in the NHL soon - if ever - in a professional-grade card, not like the cheap, thin cardboard Classic uses, and not the old design-challenged 7th Inning Sketch junior hockey series either.

This beautiful card shows Subban in the Belleville Bulls' black jersey, with colours remiscent of the old Vancouver Canucks jerseys', which I sorely miss these days, what with their current ugly retro look using their very first colours in a ''I want to be the Sharks'' way.

It was sent to him, care of the Bulls, by mail - and it was returned by mail as well.

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