Saturday, March 13, 2010

Green Go Autographed CD

Last Sunday I attended the Green Go / Nightwood / Sandman Viper Command show at Green Room in Montréal; you can find the full show review, in which I may have been a tad harsh on Green Go, here, on my regular blog.

I've since listened to their record a lot, and three songs really do it for me: Put Your Specs On Boy (which is a bit reminiscent of the first Franz Ferdinand record, for the voice and danceable beat), Cash Money Gremlins and You Know You Want It. I will likely be listening to these for months.

After their performance, the four regular members (their leader, Ferenc 'Fez' Stenton couldn't make it due to illness) signed my CD - Jessica Tollefsen (top right), Kyle Squance (bottom left), Mark Andrade (lower middle) and Adam Scott (top middle), as well as stand-in member (and star of the show, in my humble opinion), Rouge's Kelly McMichael (top left) - check out their song Sex Money Revolution from their MySpace page for an accurate sample.

They all signed with the same black sharpie, and Kelly even added Fez' name in parentheses, thus acknowledging his worth to the band and relegating herself to ''replacement part'' in the process.

Nightwood also signed their vinyl record for me, you can read about that, here.

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