Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Erin Tietsort Autograph Card

It seems someone wants me to have every single copy of these Erin Tietsort 2008 Benchwarmer autograph cards (card #26)! Indeed, I had previously written an entry on my three Ebay-purchased copies of this card, and a friend was kind enough to send me a fourth one.

This time, her signature resembles the middle card in my previous entry; they are just about identical.

I wonder how many of these Benchwarmer have produced. I don't think I'm anywhere near.

Although Tietsort is known primarily for being a (beautiful) model, she has also been in two Reality TV shows, Sunset Tan (in which she runs a tanning salon) and Reality Obsessed, a show about Reality TV shows, which shows her behind the scenes of Sunset Tan. She is also MySpace friends with my band.

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