Monday, March 8, 2010

Nightwood Autographed Vinyl Record

I attended the Green Go/Nightwood/Sandman Viper Command triple-album-launch show at Green Room last Sunday and walked away with all three releases. You can read my review of the show(s) here, on my 'regular' blog.

Nightwood released their new record on vinyl-plus-mp3, which I think is a terrific way to go; it rocks like few other albums, and I expect them to start making a very comfortable living with this and their many other endeavours, including taking care of a 'zine called Lickety Split.

All three member were more than happy to sign my copy in thick black sharpie, each adding their own message: singer and guitarist Amber Goodwin wrote: ''Don't stop the R-O-C-K!''; singer and guitarist Erin Ross wrote ''Hell 4 Evah'' (which is both awesome and ensures it'll never be on sale on Ebay), and drummer extraordinaire Jeremy MacCuish added ''Thanks, enjoy'', which I already have.

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