Saturday, March 6, 2010

Paige Peterson Autograph Card

It's safe to say this will be going nowhere near where I thought it would be; I was going to go along the lines of ''look at that face on the front of the card, doesn't she look like so much fun?'' The kind of girl you can know your whole life and get along with...

There were signs, sure, like on her website, where she says that growing up with two brothers and no sisters, in Kansas, she learned to be tough at a young age, but then she goes on about gymnastics, dance lessons, and catching the acting bug, so you think the tomboy attitude may just be in her head.

If you don't already know what I'm talking about, you could be close to confusion at this point, so I'll just go ahead ans talk about it: Paige Peterson, the angel on the above 2007 Benchwarmer (regular series) autograph card (#22 in the subset of 24) who has been in such movies as The Hot Chick, House Of The Dead 2: Dead Aim and Meet the Spartans was arrested once, on Thanksgiving Day 2008, for beating up her boyfriend. At 5'5'' and 115 pounds, you could figure he'd be a wimp and just leave it at that, but the cops who arrested and detained her tell another tale:
The woman who played the hot orgy girl in "Meet the Spartans" has been arrested and jailed for allegedly beating up her boyfriend, and she could win the vulgar award of the year.

Paige Peterson, a Maxim model who played quarterback in the Lingerie Bowl, was busted on Thanksgiving day at around 5:00 PM for alleged misdemeanor domestic battery. Law enforcement sources say she was one of the worst inmates ever in jail, "yelling, kicking and fighting" inside her cell. She was so bad, cops had to handcuff her to the bench in the holding cell.

She was allegedly hurling profanities at the officers to the point they turned on a tape recorder because they felt if the case ever went to court, no one would believe someone that pretty and petite had that kind of foul mouth.

Certainly seems like she packs a wallop.

In any event, I uploaded both sides of her limited-edition autograph card to show how much Benchwarmer care for their fans and collectors: they put another full-colour picture of the model on the back, wearing the same outfit, then make sure you understand that the card was actually signed by the model, and serves as a certificate of authenticity in and of itself, kind of like what Upper Deck used to do in their sports sets. And each year, the cards look better and better - and, yes, so do the models.

The actress, who has also appeared in TV shows Scrubs, Half & Half, Las Vegas, The Mullets, Young & The Restless, Undressed and Hang Time neatly signed directly on the card in thin black sharpie, and her signature is quite clear.

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