Saturday, April 10, 2010

Borje Salming Jersey Card

In a crooked little town 
 They were lost and never found
 Fallen leaves, fallen leaves
 Fallen leaves on the ground
                    - Billy Talent

Tonight's The Night: Habs vs Leafs, one team can clinch a playoff spot, the other hasn't even been in the race in months - as usual.

But if the Toronto Maple Leafs played all their games on Saturdays, against the Montréal Canadiens, they'd break the record for best-ever regular season; they always seem to put their best efforts in against their long-time rivals, despite often not having the better team.

Speaking of so-so rosters, here's Borje Salming, too often the lone bright spot on a terrible, terrible team - the Ballard-era Leafs, more concerned about making record profits than putting a decent team on the ice - not unlike the Leafs of recent years, come to think of it.

Sometimes, I look at this card and wonder if Upper Deck was trying to be funny, putting a post-1967 Leaf player on a card that says ''Winning Materials'' on it... in any event, it's card #WM-SA, from the 2006-07 SPX set. They guarantee the ''memorabilia'' (could be a jersey, could be a sock, I guess!) was worn in an official NHL game, they just fail to mention that Borje has worn it... but it's two different patches, including a 2-colour one, so that's good.

I've seen it go for over $30 on Ebay, so if the Habs don't win it tonight, I might be tempted to get rid of it out of spite, even though this Hall Of Fame defenseman (and all-time team assists leader) will have had nothing to do about it.

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