Friday, April 9, 2010

Erik Cole Jersey Card

Inevitably, the Montréal Canadiens lost two games against the Carolina Hurricanes this past week, and managed to get 0 points out of a possible 6 against weak teams. Now, not even going into overtime against a non-playoff team when all you need is a single point to clinch a playoff spot yourself seems bizarre, historically, the Hurricanes have always given us trouble, even back when they were the Hartford Whalers.

And the one guy who has done the most damage has been Erik Cole - the Ultimate Habs Killer. If this guy played half his games against Montréal, he'd be a contender for the lead in league scoring, despite being frequently injured these past few years. Funny thing, he also has success against former Habs: in December of 2009, he scored a hat trick against the Washington Capitals; in nets was none other than José Theodore. He now has six of those, four of which have a direct Montréal connection.

He has played with Team USA twice: first at the 2006 Olympics in Torino, then at the 2007 World Championships. He is a man of firsts: he is the first NHL player ever to hail from Oswego, New York - a ''city'' of roughly 18,000 people on Lake Ontario - and the first player ever to be awarded two penalty shots in the same game. He also holds the unofficial record for fastest lap around the ice in 13.117 seconds; it is unofficial because NHL representatives weren't there to witness or measure the time themselves, as it was a team event, not a league event like, say, the All Star Skills Competition.

The card itself (card #151, limited edition numbered #324/450) is an insert from Pacific's 2003-04 Private Stock Reserve set, and features a white patch of jersey; look closely, you'll see some red in there... is that the glue to hold the piece of cloth, or is that blood?

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