Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spencer Scott Autograph Card

I wish I would have written this one 25 days ago.. but I didn't have the card yet.

Born on April 4th, 1989, the beautiful model known as Spencer Scott from Dallas, Georgia (a small town not too far from Atlanta) is on the rise.

Eventually, she'd like to be assigned to a brand like Guess? Jeans or Victoria's Secret - and after being Playboy's Miss October 2007, chances are she'll succeed. It has even given her a small role in the Girls Next Door TV series...

For now, she is single, and the most beautiful place she's ever been to is Cancún, Mexico.

Here is a limited (Benchwarmer only 25 made of these purple foil/red back cards) 2008 Benchwarmer Signature Series card (#8 of 12 models who made red back cards). That's why they usually go for $30 or more.

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