Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rebecca Mary Autograph Card

After a post on an L.A. King, why not one on an L.A. queen?

Even though she was born in Pittsburgh, by her late teens Rebecca Mary, destined to perform, was already working at Disneyland, embodying Disney's princesses in parades and events, and modeling.

She has since appeared in films such as What Women Want, Do It For Uncle Manny, BASEketball, and Town And Country, but is likely known most for a TV credit, seeing as she's one of ''Barker's Beauties'' on The Price Is Right. She has, of course, also appeared numerous times on The Man Show.

Look for a segment on her on Extra in April, and a new regular job starting May 31st on CBS' Game Show Marathon.

This amazing card (#15) is from Benchwarmer's 2006 Series Two set, the School Girls Autographs insert sub-set which, you guessed it, depicts a hot model dressed in sexy ''schoolgirl'' uniform - I'm not sure if they needed a marketing genius for that idea or just an average 30-year old man, but you can't argue that it works with this little coloured-hair punkette. This card usually goes for upwards of $30.

I like that her black sharpie seems to be running out of ink, it makes it all more genuine.

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