Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Charlie Huddy: 7 Autographed Items (Part 2)

                       (continued from the previous post)

And now for a few cards with the Kings, first their home (white) uniform:
The card on the left is from Pro Set's 1991-92 Series 2 set (card #400), while the one on the right is from Pro Set's 1992-93 Parkhurst (card #298), both of them action shots showcasing his famous Jofa helmet that members of the Oilers were so fond of.

 And this card shows him in the beautiful Kings black (away) 1990s uniform, from Pinnacle Brands' 1992-93 Score (French Canadian Version) (card #92):
Great jersey, great colours, amazing mustache, and superb passing skills - all in one card!

Of note, Huddy was one of the few Oilers greats (with Gretzky) who wasn't a member of the team's unofficial 6th Stanley Cup in 1994, disguised as the New York Rangers.

After his playing career, he was an assistant coach with the Rangers, Oilers, Dallas Stars and now the Jets. He always seems to get caught in the middle when a team changes guards, but the work he's done with the terrific Jets blueline should be applauded - they have four young veterans who could be on almost any team's top-2, and all are possible Olympians and All-Stars; it takes skill to reach that level, but skill also requires development and teaching, and that's on the coaches.

Which is why I'll classify this index card not with the players, but with the coaches, as he has definitely proven to be worth that title:

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