Thursday, April 3, 2014

Yanic Perreault Autograph Card

I fell into my long-sought after stash of Yanic Perreault cards as I was re-packing old boxes into new ones, and figured I could feature this one today, showing him in the beautiful 1990s Los Angeles Kings black - away - uniform (though for copyright reasons, they have a picture of him turned sideways because they can't show the team's logo), from Upper Deck's 1995-96 Be A Player set (card #S150, meaning it is the signed insert version of card #150, autographed in thin black sharpie):
A lot of folks have their own opinions about Perreault's career. Some think he should have been a more prolific point producer because he had set so many records in Juniors, others view as quite a feat the fact that he was the best face-off man from the late 1990s until he retired; some folks would rather think of him as a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs because he had three stints with them, but in terms of games played, he played more with the Kings and Montréal Canadiens; and as far as his most productive seasons, his 56 points with the Habs in 2001-02 are only surpassed by the 57 he gathered with the Nashville Predators in 2005-06.

While I don't see his face-off acumen as a reason to be inducted in the Hall Of Fame, he definitely is worthy of remembering for having had dominated in one aspect of the game; perhaps they could display a signed stick and puck of him in the Hall, in front of a TV playing all of his wins on the red dot in a loop.

Then again, perhaps they should relocate to Hall to its rightful location in downtown Montréal, at the corner of Atwater and Sainte-Catherine streets, where the structure of the old Forum still stands... having it in Toronto is akin to having a shrine dedicated to lunar exploration erected on Mars...

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