Sunday, April 6, 2014

Lisa Lakatos Autograph Card

Lisa Lakatos is a California-born model who has appeared in ad campaigns for Miller Lite, Skechers, and Makita Tools (as ''Miss Makita''), and has been a Benchwarmer staple since 2002.

Her ''big break'' came when she was named one of the case models on Deal or No Deal, which ran from 2005 until 2009, though she was mostly there in 2007.

She is signed to PMG (Prestige Management Group), who are a powerful agency, and is also an accomplished esthetician.

This card is from Benchwarmer's 2009 Archive set (card #6 of 18 of the Archive Exclusive insert sub-set, as many of the Archive cards found in packs were leftovers from previous editions, this sub-set was created solely for this release):

It features a black-sharpied autograph with a smiley face doodle, and a heart as the dot on the ''i''.

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