Friday, August 23, 2013

Bob Elliott Autograph Card

Bob Elliott was the first college basketball player to amass 2000 points and 1000 rebounds at the University of Arizona. When it came time to play pro, however, he only got to play three seasons in the NBA, for the now-defunct New Jersey Nets (now playing out of Brooklyn).

He does serve as the NBA Players Association president, plays with the Retired Players Association Band, plays a huge role in the NBA Cares program and was the colour commentator for the NBA Live game for years.

I got this card of his via trade (it was an add-on, not what I was after) about a year ago:
It's from Panini's 2011-12 Past & Present set (card #BE, the Elusive Ink insert sub-set), and is signed in blue sharpie on a sticker. I've seen some cards from this sub-set feature a colour picture; I'm not familiar enough with basketball to know if it's because those are current players or not (I don't know who B.J. Armstrong is), but I kind of wish this one was in colour, so I could know what that uniform really looked like.

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