Thursday, August 22, 2013

Darryl Sydor Autograph Card

How lucky are the young studs on the Minnesota Wild's defense corps to have as accomplished an NHL defenseman as Darryl Sydor to coach them?

5 Stanley Cup Finals - 2 Cup wins - to go with a Memorial Cup, two All-Star Games, over 500 regular-season points and over 50 in the playoffs. Both team and individual success which, for team players, usually go hand-in-hand.

While I already had an in-person auto of him, finding this card in a pack of Pinnacle's 1996-97 Be A Player last summer convinced me to consider collecting him as a player more thoroughly. I'll now be accepting trades involving him (going my way).

I like that he's wearing the Dallas Stars' ''original'' (for that part of the franchise's history, at least) white (home) uniform, which may be the best they've had... until this year. I'm so glad they got rid of the generic city name and put a logo back on the front of their jerseys; plus, the new colours are reminiscent of the Hartford Whalers, and an Irish jersey I own - two definite plusses.

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