Friday, August 16, 2013

Jeff Fassero Autographed Card

After a brief break in reality, which led to hockey-time temperatures, I decided to not taunt the Gods and return to the summertime classic, PED-fed America's Pastime with this autographed card of past Montréal Expos star starter Jeff Fassero:

Like his role on the team, his uniform number changed over the years: he started wearing 39 when he was considered mostly a middle reliever, then switched to 13 when he became a starter.

With the Expos, he was particularly great in 1993 (2.29 ERA, 140 Ks) and 1994 (2.99 ERA) on great teams, but wasn't recognized league-wide until 1996, when he finished 9th in Cy Young (best pitcher) voting, despite no longer being the team's star, having been surpassed by Pedro Martinez.

After that season, he moved on to the Seattle Mariners, the first of 8 MLB teams that would use his services, but would never again be a star-caliber player.

This i a bizarre card I don't remember owning or having purchased, be it in a pack or individually, from Skybox's Fleer '97 set (card #377); I don't remember the card, but I remember having him sign one/it for me in blue sharpie in 2003, when he was a member of the St Louis Cardinals. Maybe he signed a lot at a time, and gave the wrong ones back to people, or maybe my memory's becoming faulty with age. Yet, here it is,in all its matte glory - no, can't blame that one on the scan, the card really does look this way!

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