Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Jessica Hall Autograph Card

Jessica Hall is a model, TV personality (she hosted shows on MTV - such as Burned - and can be seen in her close friend Kendra Wilkinson's Reality TV shows) and also hosts a show on Playboy radio. Her younger sister Stacie Hall played in the MTV series The Hills. She also married secretly in 2011, fearing her Playboy fans might like her less if they found out she wasn't available. Because she's never heard of Shannon Tweed or Demi Moore, probably.

I've known her mostly as a Benchwarmer model, though, like in this card from their 2011 Vault set (card #RG-5 of the Racer Girls autograph sub-set):

There were 20 cards in this sub-set, most (all?) of which used pictures used in previous sets (not autographed) put in front of a new background and autographed, on-card in black sharpie. There are limited-issues as well, signed in coloured sharpies.

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